Instanbul – A Merchant’s Strategy Game

You might not be able to go back to Constantinople*, but Pegasus’ strategy game, “Istanbul” will challenge your trading game prowess as a merchant in the grand bazaar of the old city, as you skillfully manage your business and your assistants in a race to collect the most wealth. Istanbul’s playing area is comprised of a 16 tile grid with each tile representing a different location. Each location allows a player landing on the tile to perform certain actions such as collecting trade goods, coins and rubies, or making improvements to your wheelbarrow so it can carry more stuff.

During the game you’ll be moving your master merchant in a stack comprised of assistants (all represented by colored discs) to the various locations and dropping them off to perform the varied actions on the tiles. Encountering other merchants or characters already on a location might also grant you the ability to take an extra action. Later, you’ll have to come back to pick up your assistants and move them again to new locations to accomplish other tasks. The winner of the game is the first merchant to acquire a certain amount of rubies.

Istanbul was the winner of the prestigious German, “Kennerspiel des Jahres” (expert/enthusiast game of the year) in 2014. It’s an engaging game with just the right blend of luck and strategy. Highly recommended!

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