“Covert,” from Renegade Game Studios and game designer Kane Klenko puts you in charge of a team of secret agents in a winning combination of elegant game mechanics, strategy, and rewarding game play that matches its theme perfectly.

Make Your Move

You have it in your sights: the dead drop. You’ve messaged back to Headquarters: Mission accomplished. Now you are awaiting new orders. Wherever they send you, you’ll be prepared. You are a super spy. You are undercover. You are Covert.

In Covert, players take on the roles of spies working secretly to accomplish missions. Players will collect the equipment needed and deploy their agents in an effort to complete these missions. Make your move. Don’t let anyone stand in your way.

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Choose carefully. Your goal is to complete missions. You can only turn in missions when you meet the requirements such as holding the correct equipment or having your agents in the correct locations.

Roll the dice. Each round you will roll dice that you will use to select your actions. The numbers you roll and the choices other players make will determine which actions you can take with your dice.

Make your move. There are lots of options for placing your dice. Dice can allow you to move your agent, turn in missions, collect equipment, crack codes, or accept new missions.

Rahdo - Covert Gameplay Runthrough

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