At the head of your ship, you eagerly search for any sign of land. As you peer through the dissipating mist, it finally gives way to the silhouette of cliffs—you have arrived at your new home. Now your clans can partake in a new era of prosperity. Rival chieftains also set sail for this same land, and soon the time will come to hold the Great Council and elect the High King of Inis.

Will you be the one who ascends to the throne?

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Inis invites you and up to three other players to colonize ancient Ireland, explore her terrain, and experience her great myths. To win, you must become chieftain over at least six opposing clans, occupy at least six different territories, or occupy territories where at least six Sanctuaries lie. These feats are not easy to accomplish though; you have limited actions each turn, with your opponents, and sometimes even the land itself, working against you. However, if you can choose your Action cards shrewdly and learn the secrets of the island’s terrain, you may find that the crown of High King is well within your reach.

Geek and Sundry: How to Play Inis!

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